Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

someplace called home

i always dream on a time while all emotion come a lot.
happyness, fear, the braveness, love, jelouss, and so on
the complex feeling i felt
make a sensation which i can't descript it
remaining all mycildhood,
when i grew up as a teen
where i first time try to walk by myself
remaining someplace where i can share all myfear
someplace where i can show all of my affection
someplace i call home,
where myfamily sit down together and we talk about "something nonsense"
it's all the sweet moment which impossible to be forgotten
and now, i don't know where i can go home
how came, if i "come home" to someplace where there is no mom, father, grandma and my sweet sis,..
all thing had to be changed friend,
but, am i false if i always remaining that,
i wanna go home
i love you
my all...

3 komentar:

  1. is that really your house? subhanallah mungilo sekali.. sejuk,,,, tenang :)

  2. bukan, itu bukan rumah saya. tapi kurang lebih sama. Hanya saja, sekarang tuh sekitarnya bukan sayturan kayak di foto tuh. Tapi ilalang karena udah lama gak ditempati


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